Unlock your sport performance potential

Today I feel taller & straighter; elongated almost. I measured myself against that spot on the wall; you know that spot where we all visually check our height, perhaps only us “fun size” people under 5’1” do this. Anyway, I was taller!

I have FST to thank for the gift of length.

I spent 5 days at a Stretch To Win workshop, actually it was more like a camp. There were 33 of us campers from either a Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy or Personal Trainer background; all of us eager to learn and probably much more eager to play. This entire week Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm was all about doing, hands on learning and practice, practice, practice. First, Ann and Chris (facilitators) would explain why Traction, Oscillation and Circumduction equal Relaxation, Romance and Rejuvenation. Second, they would taunt us with a demonstration. Finally, when the pent up energy of the campers was just about to explode; Ann and Chris allowed us to get dirty.

This is Fascial (fa sha el) this is not pulling on your face. Big, HUGE – difference. The technical definition of Fascial Stretch Therapy stretching is targeting the joint capsule with traction to gain maximal length allowing the body to obtain optimal Range of Motion on all planes of movement while syncing your breath to tune into your nervous system. I am sure you have a glazed over look right now. Not to worry, truly the best way, the only way to understand is to experience this very logical process for yourself.

The Graceful Touch Therapeutic Massage is now offering the FST (Facial Stretch Therapy) to all interested in reducing muscular soreness & injury, increase balance, improve posture & coordination.

Not just for the Professional Athlete.

Though the program was set up and has proven to be highly successful in this arena it is just as effective for the average weekend warrior. Prior to any type of extended physical activity it is important to address the prepare the body. I work with your intentions and more importantly your body.

Golfers will discover strong stability and maintain gentle flexibility through the hips with out lower back discomfort for the swing throughout 18 holes. As the wife of a golfer I know the importance of this.

Cyclist, NO more ugly hip flexor pain on the long ride. As a cyclist you will relish the ability to sit in the saddle and create the power strokes of miles 1-25 on miles 60-90. I work the sequence from hips to ankles on each side with a side of “sack o buns” in the middle. You want to know what this move is about!

Runners will jump, quite literally, at the faster recovery time. Your hamstrings will not only thank you they will praise you by remaining elongated and supple.

Facial Stretch Therapy (FST) is extremely relaxing yet rejuvenating.

As a client you are fully clothed. I as a massage therapist will work with you and your body through a series of specific stretches and ROM moves. A full session will take 90 minutes to complete.

Call to schedule your appointment today. 303-908-3191.

All massage therapy clients wanting to experience FST will receive 15 minutes of FST work at either upper or lower body at no additional charge.

Any client booking a full 90 session of FST will receive a $20.00 discount off their first appointment.