Many of my current clients know how I work, however how do you tell your friends how I work?

My elevator speech.

I am an LMT,  my goal is to restore function & mobility to affected joints and/or body parts using manual and mechanical techniques to ensure overall health and wellness.

Overall Roles

Physical Therapist

  • Evaluate and even diagnose health conditions resulting from disease and injury
  • Restore function of an affected joint or body part.
  • May perform massages for pain and muscle disorders, although that is not their forte.
  • Physical therapists focus intensive session on a particular area, while.

Massage Therapists

  • Massage therapists seek to ensure overall health and wellness of the body.
  • Compliment to physical therapy many times, so it is not uncommon for a person to visit both practitioners.
  • Relieve stress of muscle tension as a preventative technique to more serious injury.
  • Massage sessions take longer and encompass the entire body.


Your choice of a physical or massage therapist will depend on what you want accomplished. If you are desire relaxation stress and pain relief, a massage therapist is your go-to, whereas if you are seeking ways to actively recover from an injury, a physical therapist may be a better fit.

Sometimes, a joint approach may facilitate faster recovery, as their approaches to healing can be used in conjunction to result in a better outcome.