There may be many good massage therapists, but Lisa Hajek is definitely in the “Exceptional” category. When I’m in need of a massage I call Lisa, because frankly, I want the best. I have been enjoying her healing touch for a couple of years now and would recommend her services to anyone.”
Regan G. 2013


“Lisa, is by FAR the best massage therapist I have ever encountered! Her hot rock massages are the AMAZING!! She is very knowledgeable in knowing the body and how to work on areas that need working on! I am so impressed with her work!! Thanks Lisa!”
Heidi B. 2012


“Lisa is a talented massage therapist that has given me relief in places others cannot even find! Her passion for her work shows through her hands and her touch is holistically healing. I appreciate every minute I lay on her table!”
Danette M 2013


“I have had 2 major back surgeries and have a painful nerve disease. When I came to Lisa 10 weeks ago, I was barely functioning, barely living. I have come such a long way in such a short time with Lisa’s help. I am not only functioning but experiencing joy again with less pain. I am amazed how much more flexibility I have because of the stretching work we’ve done together. I can say with confidence that Lisa can help anybody since she helped me. What a beautiful soul she is, thank you Lisa.”
Lisa C. 2013


“As a chronic migraine sufferer I thought I had tried everything until I found Lisa and The Graceful Touch!

In 2011, I had 50 Ocular migraines, in 2012 I had 34. I started going to Lisa late in 2012 and noticed a lessening of Oculars after the 5th or 6th session. To date, June 1st 2013, I have had a total of three Oculars. WOW! What a relief!

I truly believe Lisa has eyes built into her fingers. She can “hone in” on those difficult spots and knows how to attack them! Thank you Lisa!!”
Darrel T 2012


“I am pleased to endorse and recommend Lisa Hajek as a professional massage therapist. My wife and I moved to Parker, Colorado 10 years ago, and had searched for a great massage therapist for years. A friend recommended Lisa, and she has exceeded all of our expectations. She is a professional in every respect, well educated and experienced in therapeutic and healing massage techniques. She deals equally well in all my personal needs for relieving stress on my neck and shoulders, and easing pains related to a herniated disc and a lifetime of sports injuries. My wife has benefited from Lisa’s healing treatments for hip pains and has sought physical therapy from Lisa under a doctors oversight. Making the experience even better is the relaxing massage room with pre-warmed linens, warm towels, and Lisa’s collection of warm massage stones, not to mention her special massage oils. I can’t recommend Lisa more highly as the finest masseuse my wife and I have experienced.”
Dave and Janice S 2013


“Lisa is highly attuned, gracious, and responsive to clients.  She is delightful to work with and takes the time to listen thoughtfully.  I have worked with a variety of massage therapists over the years.  Lisa is exceptional,  her healing touch is a gift.”
Leigh R.


“Lisa, The work you did on my lower back on Fri. has given me the most relief I’ve had in years. Thank you so much for your healing touch. Just wanted to give you a “yeah”!!! Happy Easter.  The Lord has risen”
Allison C.


“Lisa is amazing! I first met her at my work place and at that time I was having issues with shin splints. She stopped what she was doing and helped me right then and there. Lisa gave me some tips and offered a more in depth massage later that week. She was absolutely wonderful throughout the whole process. Every time I go I feel welcome and comfortable. She remembers what you worked on last week and will make sure she hits any problem areas that you have. I’ve been to many different places and none have been as relaxing and wonderful as Lisa. Thanks to her, I am more relaxed and have more energy then ever before. I will continue going to Lisa as long as she will take me.”
Sara M.


“Lisa is phenomenal! She embodies what any exceptional massage therapist should… a solid understanding of human physiology, strong hands and a knack for knowing when her client wants to chat and when they don’t.”


“Where Lisa sets herself apart from other therapists is her innate ability to really listen to what her client needs. Not just what is spoken but also what the body is telling her. Lisa helped me feel more relaxed and pain-free from the very first time I met with her. Where massages with others have left me feeling somewhat sore, Lisa seems to know how to get my muscles to relax before she works on them. She always leaves me with a deep sense of calm and relaxation… and NO pain.”


“Lisa also gave my 15-year-old daughter her first-ever massage. While I was in the room with them, she helped my daughter feel comfortable and told her what she was doing each step of the way.”
Julie L